A Tribute to Robert Horrocks

Co-author of “Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?” Robert Horrocks passed away in December of 2002. Robert was a loving friend to many, especially to those who struggled with addiction. He continually encouraged them to keep trying and never give up no matter how difficult their burden seemed. His focus was on the healing power of the Savior, knowing that God’s grace is given to those that endure in their covenants to the end despite the mortal struggle with self mastery.

Where we may only experience a portion of Savior’s healing in mortality, Robert believed that our trust in the Savior would bring complete and permanent healing once we are returned to the Lord’s presence. Robert’s message, “The Atonement is for you, too”, reminds us that recovery and complete healing through the Atonement is a gift meant for every person.

We miss the dear friend who made a difference in our lives, and the lives of so many others. Knowing Robert’s commitment and diligence, we are certain that he still carries the message of hope and healing to those suffering on the other side of the veil.

We express a special thanks to

Barbara Owens

for having encouraged us to believe in ourselves
and to find hope and understanding through one another.

We would like to acknowledge those who have given us encouragement and direction as we have undertaken this important work. Thank you Sarah and Anne for the careful scrutiny of this text and for all your contributions that have made this project a reality. Special thanks to Jan and Randy for your unwavering belief in gospel principles and for your recognition and support of all that is good in the world. We are forever grateful to Michele for her patience and wisdom in teaching us writing techniques.


Regarding the beautiful artwork that adorns the workbook and web site. We extend our sincere appreciation to Utah artist Derek Hegsted who, through his paintbrush, expresses so eloquently the love the Savor has for all of God’s children. Derek’s painting is entitled “Journey’s End” and has graciously allowed us to use it as the front cover of this workbook.

As we explained our project to Derek, we were humbled by his enthusiasm to selflessly contribute his art. We inquired as to the inspiration behind the picture on the front cover, to which he shared the following poem he wrote regarding the piece:

“Journey’s End”

The storm you weathered,
Faithfully stood.
I was beside you
All the way
Whisp’ring you could!

Well done, my faithful servant,
For me, you defended
You stayed your course
Your journey has ended.

Derek then shared his testimony: “I feel no better peace than when I am bearing witness of Christ through a paintbrush. The ability to speak my feelings is not one of my strong points. But a gracious Heavenly Father has blessed me with the ability to bear a witness of my Savior in a manner that is better than words. In reflecting on my testimony and the effects of the arts in my life, I hope to have shown all brothers and sisters of Christ that I know Jesus is the Christ and that He lives.”

Thank you Derek, for your contribution to this project and for your beautiful testimony of Christ as rendered in this masterpiece. To see all of Derek’s art, go to:

Finally, and most importantly, we acknowledge our Heavenly Father’s love for us. He has provided true principles to be taught through so many different means. We are grateful to Him for having allowed us to be a part of one of those resources.

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